Discover Geocaching in DeSoto County

Come, see, conquer!

By summons of the royal order of DeSoto, we invite you to bring your exploring spirit and GPS device to DeSoto County to discover a new world of challenging Geocaching fun. There are currently seven Geocache locations in DeSoto County, known as DeSoto Trails. Discover all seven locations and become a member of the Conquistador Crew.

We challenge you and your crew of explorers to embark on a conquest to discover all seven DeSoto County Geocache locations. Claim all seven information sheets, located in each Cache, bring them to our office, and you will instantly become a widely respected international hero and have a museum named after you (probably won't happen, but you get some cool stuff).

NOTE: We are adding an additional trail very soon!!

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Membership entitles you to:

  • Membership Certificate – official looking, snazzy faux parchment document that entitles you to a share of the spoils of the Conquistador Crew. Booty includes: 
    • Doubloon – This priceless plastic knock-off of a real Spanish gold coin is sure to wow your friends. Especially those with degrees in archeology and anthropology.
    • Conquistador Hat – From a distance, it looks like a real metal conquistador helmet-it’s not. But, wear it and you’ll be the life of any party. You may even be asked to lead an expedition-cool huh?
    • Photo with Hernando DeSoto – No, not the real Hernando DeSoto. His ship sailed (so to speak) back in 1542. Drop by the DeSoto County Visitors Center and have your mug taken with our tight-clad, cutout DeSoto look-alike. We’ll send you the photo via e-mail or Facebook. 
    • Conquistador Email– Once you become a member, we know you’ll want to become best friends and buddies for life with the whole crew. Heck, you may even invite us all to your house for dinner. We’ll send you an email inviting you to join our Facebook “Crew.”

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There are seven "Treasures" to be discovered in DeSoto County for those who participate in geocaching.  Each cache has sheets of paper with a number for that cache and a bit of history about that area. Those that find the geocaches collect the sheets of paper. When they have all seven sheets and/or have logged your finds on, bring them into the tourism office at 4716 Pepper Chase Drive in Southaven. In return, they get a certificate and their photo made with a conquistador hat they may keep, with "Hernando DeSoto" and featured on website. 

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